Artilliary Modern Era

(Mountford Metal Miniatures)
These can be bought as kit or as assembled and painted
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Modern Guns / Vehicles & Equipment
MM006 20mm Oerlikon Cannon
MM018 40mm Bofors Gun on MK3 Platform
MM023 3PDR Hotchkiss Cannon
MM024 Twin Lewis Guns
MM031 3.7 Inch Screw Gun - Howitzer. MM051/00 If with Indian Crew Set
MM033 40mm Bofors Cannon on carriage
MM036 2 PDR 40mm Rolls Royce AA Gun
MM045 5.5 Inch Medium Field Gun
MMSAM01 Bristol Bloodhound Surface to Air Missile 1/48 Scale
MM061 WW2 25 PDR Gun and Limber
MM063 WW2 3.7 Inch AA Gun on carriage
MM067 Home Guard Weapons
MM069 13 Pounder Gun
MM073 16 Pounder Gun
MM074 HF1 German WW1 & WW2 Light Field Wagon
MM084 USN Version 20mm Oberlikon Cannon
MM089 Ford Mutt Jeep
MM098 Smith Gun, (Gun Only)
MM108 Schneider Ducrest 65mm Mountain Gun
MM114 MK2 Bloodhound Missile & Launcher (Resin & Metal) 1/48 Scale
MM115 Saint Etienne 8mm Modele 1907 Machine Gun on Tripod
MM117 Swarzlose 6.5 cal Machine Gun 1914 image to follow
MM118 Manlicher Schoner Carbines (Inf and Cavalry Verions) image to follow
MM126 6PDR Anti tank Gun
MM139 17 PDR Anti tank Gun
MM144 WW2 3.7 Inch Howitzer MK4P/ MK5 (Tyred Wheels)
MM033/01 8th Army Bofors Gun Crew NCO Spotting
MM033/02 8th Army Bofors Gun Crew Loader
MM033/03 8th Army Bofors Gun Crew Gun layer LH
MM033/04 8th Army Bofors Gun Crew Gun layer RH
MM053 Royal Navy Crew image to follow
MM072 BEF 1914 15th Hussars Mounted Soldier
MM085 Mounted German Soldier Eastern Front 1941
MM086 German Driver image to follow
MM087 German Soldier Walking Russia 1941
MM088 German outrider for light Field Wagon
MM119 WW1 Muleteer (Greek or French) image to follow
Draught and Pack Animals
MM070 Draught Horse Number 2
MM083 Mule walking - Heavy transport
MM090 Baggage Camel with Lewis Gun Ammo Load
MM145 Mule Standing
Non Military Kits
MM019 Baby Elephant
MM060 The Blacksmith
Diorama Accessories
MM071 Medium Limber
MM050/01 Scenic Base Metal Small Oval image to follow
MM050/02 Scenic Base Metal Medium triangle image to follow
MM050/03 Scenic Base Metal Large Oval image to follow
MM050/10 Scenic Base Plaster 150 X 100mm Scrub/Desert
MM050/11 Scenic Base Plaster 100 X 75mm Scrub/Desert
MM050/15 Base Mounting / Tub & Bulkhead image to follow
MM050/16 Cobble Street Section (150mm X 75mm) image to follow
MM050/17 Cobble Street Section (75mm Dia) image to follow
MM050/18 WW1 Machine Gun Setting with Broken Wall image to follow
Weapons with crew sets
MM006/00 Oberlikon Cannon with Crew
MM024/00 Twin Lewis Guns and 2 Crew
MM051/00 Indians Firing 3.7 Inch Howitzer
MM033/00 40mm Bofors Cannon on carriage with 8th Army Crew
MM052/00 WW1 Royal Navy Gun Crew - Firing Bofors Cannon
MM055/00 Seacat Launcher with missiles and crew
MM065/00 2 PDR Rolls Royce AA Gun with 3 crew
MM069/00 13 PDR Gun and Limber image to follow
MM075/00 Royal Horse Artillery Gun Team WW1
MM082/00 Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery - 4 crew firing 13 PDR Cannon
MM091/00 Rapier Missile System c1982 image to follow
MM098/00 Smith Gun with 2 Home Guard crew
MM101/00 Rover does His Bit (vignette with 3 figures/Labrador/ Gun and plastic base)
MM108/00 Schneider Ducrest Mountain Gun (Mule Team)
MM115/00 St Eitenne M/C Gun and crew and base (French 1914)
MM117/00 Swarzlose M/C Gun and crew with base
MM121/00 Gulf 2003 Royal Marine Soldier with Camel (inc scenic base)
MM123/00 3 PDR Hotchkiss Gun and crew image to follow
MM126/00 6 PDR Anti tank Gun with crew - 8th Army
MM139/00 17 PDR Anti tank Gun and 6 crew members
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